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Centrifugal Process Pumps

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PP Pump / PVDF Pumps



“FLOWCHEM” Series PP/PVDF pumps are “Centrifugal Process Pumps” in Back pull-out Construction Horizontal, Foot Mounted, Single Stage End suction and top Centerline Discharge these pumps are the most economical and efficient for pumping and Transfer Highly corrosive and aggressive liquids like acids, alkalis, effluent etc.


  1. Centrifugal Process pumps are offered with semi open impeller with `CARTIDGE’ Bearing Housing For the adjustments of impeller clearance for Prolong efficient working.

  2. All wetted parts are molded from virgin material of PP, PPCP, PVDF etc. for the Corrosive resistance and temp up to 120˚ C.

  3. They are with `Back pullout Construction’ for the ease of maintenance.

  4. The Standard pump is supplied with Teflon bellow type Mechanical Seal but other types of Mechanical Seal can be incorporated. Also available with Gland packing.

  5. Wide range of Metallic and Non metallic sleeves.

  6. Flange of ANIS B-16.5 and PN-16 available

  7. Other C.I parts are Powder coated for Corrosion Resistance 

  • Chemical , Dyes And Intermediates 
  • Effluent 
  • Water Tretments Plant 
  • Transfer Of Concentrated Acids 
  • Electro Plating 
  • Descaling And Pickling 
  • Scabbing Of Corrosive Gases Like Cl2, F2, 802, 503, Co2, Nh3, etc. 
  • Organic/Nonorganic Chemical 
  • Drugs , Chemical And Pharmaceuticals
  • Thermal And Atomic Power Plant
  • Dyes And Intermediates
  • Caustic Soda, Acids etc.
  • Steel Plant, Copper Zink Smelter
  • Rayon Stapel Fiber Plant Black Liquior, etc.

Operating Range for Rotary Gear Pumps:


45 m3/Hr


Up to 49 Meters


1500 to 3000 RPM

Pump Size

up to 50 mm Delivery Size

Temp upto

120° C

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