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We at “Flowchem” , Provide services of Refurbishment and Repairing of Centrifugal Pumps of various types.

Pumps Refurbishment

Process Pump Applications:

Refurbishment of Plant’s Centrifugal & Other Pumps is necessity of today’s world. We at Flowchem , have considerable experience in both manufacture and refurbishment for different type of pumps. Thus, considering your needs and available period, we can provide quick and cost effective solution to deliver best possible outcomes.

We can also replace worn components to get best results from existing centrifugal pump. This refurbished pump can deliver results as good as new pump. We are having In-house test facilities like, Hydraulic test, Performance Test, Sound test, Vibration test, Temperature measurement etc. through which , we can see the improvement in pump performance after refurbishment.

For pumps which handle corrosive media, we can provide protective coatings/ layers for better life of pump. This process helps in reduction in operating costs, Improving pump life, by improving performance of pumps. 

We have successfully completed Refurbishment job in past, Thus we have in-house team of expert and competent engineers to complete the Refurbishment/ Repairing activity in prescribed time.


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